This is the Face of 6th Street


Serpent Box

When I told her that she was beautiful she smiled like the Cheshire cat. She knew that I meant it too. I don’t think she’d heard that in awhile. You want to take my picture? She said. My picture? I told her that it would make my day. There was so much going on around her that wasn’t beautiful. The heroin touts were busy running back and forth from Natoma out to the cars idling on 6th Street, looking at me with Hyena smiles. I could feel a certain malice in the air, like a current in a wire. I said, All right, are you ready? I knew I didn’t have much time. A white man with a camera on 6th Street. She put her hands on her hips and looked up into my eyes. She couldn’t have been much over five feet tall. She had a story for sure…

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So, You Want To Teach English In Thailand…


Living and working in Thailand is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, there are some wonderful positives about it and, like any country, there are also the negatives. I had NO IDEA what to expect when I arrived here as I had never been before, I think I imagined little bungalows with straw roofs lining the white sandy beaches, and there has been some amazing moments and some moments when I just wish for the familiarity of home. Its true what they say, there is a big difference between going somewhere on holiday and living there, and I can imagine that a holiday here must be so amazing but when you have to drive through the middle of Phuket Town everyday in traffic that resembles joburg traffic, the holiday-feel wears off quite quickly.
The beaches are stunning, the people are kind are warm (even though you are not likely to meet more than a handful of them who actually speak English), it is very safe and you will earn enough to cover all your expenses and quite possibly have some to spare and water and electricity is in abundance. Its a far cry in improvement to the countries I’ve lived in in the last few years! Even still, its a big adjustment. You dont find eggs and bacon for breakfast in these parts unless you are in one of the western hotels paying over R100 per head for breakfast, here you eat rice and other meat dishes as a typical breakfast – haha, what a deal breaker – A good english breakfast is my guilty pleasure!

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