Home, Sweet Home?


Dream house, is that you?

Dream house, is that you?

House hunting sucks balls!! The idea of it is delightful, the reality of it is awkwardly wondering around other peoples homes wondering what the etiquette is on opening the cupboards or lifting up the carpets to see what the floors are actually like. It’s all awkward. I don’t like strangers wondering my house and I don’t like wondering around strangers homes. The big, fake, cheshire smiles and nodding of heads and saying “mmmm” until you feel like you’re in a margarine commercial, all the while ferociously (but inconspicuously) pinching the husband in secret code whenever he is in arms length and then the inevitable, dreaded last words…. So do you like it? *insert eager puppy dog eyes* desperate to hear you approved of their choice of furnishings and then the old “yes, I love what you’ve done with the place! It’s… So…. *eyes dart to husband in desperation*… Charming…?” That sigh of relief as you drive out the gate all the while making sure you don’t lock eyes with the husband until you’re out of view because you know you’ll both pack out laughing. It was fun for about a day… Now it just sucks balls!



How do you choose? I’ve been plagued with this question for days! Do you go with the one that has the highest points in favor and possibly loose out on a better option that *could* pop up a day after you sign the lease or do you wait for mr. Right and risk loosing mr. Could-have-made-it-work..? At the moment I’m going full guns blazing and I’m knocking them down left right and center determined that I will find THE perfect home but in the quiet of the night (kind of like right now as I type away in the pitch black of midnight, thank you Apple for doing a backlit keyboard!) I wonder… I count the days… I re-recheck the property websites incase I missed one…I go over every detail of all the places I’ve turned down incase one of them could have been the right one… I dream of phoning estate agents in the middle of the night (surely they are as plagued by this as i am??!)… House hunting has officially ruined my life routine, I will never be the same!


Oh yes, it looks like we’ll be hanging around Joburg for a while. I never thought I’d hear myself say that but it’s true. It makes sense, for now. This is where we are at and I’m trying to bloom where I’m planted. As my mother in law loves to tell me, a rolling stone gathers no moss.. I feel like it’s time to stop rolling, for now. It’s moss gathering time. I have to admit I’m completely psyched about us setting up home once again, when we left Thailand I didn’t think I would ever be but I am. When I’m not browsing the property sites I’m browsing the furniture sites. I am so ready to do this. I’ve got the whole nine yards on my wish list… A little dog, family lunches on a Sunday, a year membership at the gym, friends with like minded people in the neighborhood, ballet classes, family down the road.. I am so ready for it… But first, I’m making a quick trip to Zimbabwe for a few days so it will all have to wait. I will snap lots of pictures, as always, and hopefully come back with an interesting story or two! I’m looking forward to the break from house hunting!

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