Day 07 – My Zodiac Sign and If I Think It Fits My Personality


hmmm… hmmm… hmmm. Its only day 7 and my perseverance has been put to the test big time. I am not embracing this challenge, I’m doing more of a handshake. I will persevere and finish this task even if it means I have to rant about myself in the most boring of ways when I could be writing about something that actually means something. Here goes:

I was not even sure what my zodiac sign was until I was a teenager, I know that doesn’t make me “cool” but whatever. As a teenager I learnt I was an aries and I have always been amazed when I meet people who can go through the list of zodiac signs (am I calling it the right thing?) and tell you the characteristics of each one. I am amazed for 2 reasons – the first is because that kind of dedication to memorizing something is fairly remarkable and the second is because I can’t believe anyone would dedicate that much of their time memorizing something that seems so arb and useless. Kind of like how I feel about these last few days of doing this blogging challenge.

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Day 04 – My Views On Religion


ImageVery simply put, I am a christian – without a doubt in my mind I believe there is one God and there is only one way to him, through Jesus. Simple. This would be the perfect platform for me to ‘get it all out there’ coz even if we say we dont, we all have HUGE opinions when it comes to religion but its all been said. At this time, I do not feel that I have anything new to add that you haven’t heard already. I believe our lives should draw people to God, not our words and I also know there is a lot of stuff I need to work on myself. So if you were coming here today looking to be “converted” I’m sorry.

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Day 03 – My View On Drugs & Alcohol



I dont have any light-bulb-moment arguments about this, I haven’t personally had any particularly bad experiences with either drugs or alcohol (besides for the usual morning after regret) and I know that is because of my families prayers over the years. I could easily have gone down that route, but here I am today able to say no.

My heart goes out to the people and families that have been negatively affected by this, the majority of people are just desperately looking for some peace.


People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within.
-Ramona L. Anderson


Day 02 – Where I Would Like To Be In 10 Years


Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars.

– Les Brown

In 10 years time I would like to be….. Hmmm!! At this stage I don’t know where I would like to be next month! In 10 years time I will be 34, if you read my Day 1 post you will understand why I have difficultly picturing myself at this age. It’s a work in progress and I think this exercise is a good first step.

I would like to be living by the beach, I think. A house right on the beach and I’d go for an early morning run along the beach with the husband and our 4 children (2 boys and 2 girls), after which we would swim in the sea and then go home to a cooked breakfast.

The husband would own some sort of business dealing with kids – a big brother/teacher kind of thing and he would get involved teaching them to cook, sports games, career coaching etc, he would also have an upmarket rustic-style restaurant where he would go to let off some creativity. I would do child development and psychology and in my free time I would do some landscape photography and a bit of writing/blogging.

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Day 01 – My Relationship Status, Red


When I read the title of the first challenge the first thing that sprang to mind is one of those lame-ass traffic light parties where each person has to wear a color of the traffic light depending on their relationship status – green for single, orange for complicated and red for taken.

These days you’d find me sitting on a table somewhere having a glass of wine or two with a couple of my friends, there would be plates of snacks on the table and maybe if we were feeling extra risky we’d attempt a tequila shot!
I would be wearing red.
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Day 0 – Why are we here?



I have embarked on one of these crazy 30 days of blogging things, that I dont care too much for. When I started blogging (few and far in-between about 2 years ago) I envisioned a more educational blog than a rant about myself kind-of-blog, I have 5 siblings and friends all over the world – the last thing I needed was another forum to post my daily rants.. anyhoo. I love to research all kinds of things, for the last 2 years my focus has been on child related topics – development, EQ, psychology, health etc and I have just been soaking in all the information I can get my hands on and I love sharing it with people. I found I was writing pages of stuff in a comment box on various parenting websites and pages and I thought (or more correctly, the husband who is convinced I’m destined to be a writer pointed out).. hey, why dont I just put it down in a forum where I can refer others to rather than writing out the same thing all the time. And so here we are… except this is very off-course!

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