Day 01 – My Relationship Status, Red


When I read the title of the first challenge the first thing that sprang to mind is one of those lame-ass traffic light parties where each person has to wear a color of the traffic light depending on their relationship status – green for single, orange for complicated and red for taken.

These days you’d find me sitting on a table somewhere having a glass of wine or two with a couple of my friends, there would be plates of snacks on the table and maybe if we were feeling extra risky we’d attempt a tequila shot!
I would be wearing red.
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Fathers Day…



Tomorrow is fathers day around here… well, I dont know if the holiday’s are the same in Thailand but its fathers day where we come from and I dont think we’ve been living in Thailand long enough to take on their holidays as our own… just yet.

The other night the husband and I were chatting about a quote I love by Socrates “Be as you wish to seem” and we were each discussing what we would like to ‘seem’ and I’ve always thought about it on a surface level but I really tried to look a bit deeper, and the one word I could think of that I would like to seem more of is gentle. More than just seem gentle I would like to actually BE more gentle.

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