Unschooling.. The Seed Has Been Planted


Every so often I go through a big learning phase, at the moment my attention has been focused on unschooling. I said it. Yes I am aware that images of hippies running wild with dreadlocks instantly comes to your mind, or perhaps worse. I’m currently fighting off the images myself. For some reason, and I’m not sure why yet, it appeals to me. It just feels right. Maybe I am actually a closet hippie – actually speaking of which, the other day I was on pinterest (as you do!) and there were quite a few hippie inspired outfits and such, and I wondered to myself whether that was something that I thought would ever appeal to me, and I dont think it is.. I’m more of a classic, clean cut with a bit of jazz going on now and again. Maybe I’m just a hippie with a better fashion sense. What makes a hippie a hippie… is it the clothes, the highness or the mindset – can I just be one third hippie, hmmm?

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